Akita Museam of Art

The Akita Museum of Art is one of the must-visit hotspots in Akita City in Japan. It not only holds beautiful pieces of art but is an artwork itself.


The Architecture

The architecture is beautiful and the museum was designed by Ando Tadao. Ando Tadao is one of the most renowned architects and it shows in this masterpiece. In the entrance of the museum, you find yourself below a large triangular skylight. Another breath-taking architectural feature is the free-standing staircase. Ando Tadao is renowned for good reason and when you see these features in real life, you realize why. You can view the beauty of Senshu Park through the glass panel walls on the second floor. The café and museum gift shop are also on this floor. So, you can enjoy coffee with a view surrounded by art masterpieces.


The Artwork Collections

Tokyo born Fujita Tsuguharu was also known as Leonard Foujita. He is the most famous Japanese painter who did Western-style paintings. His work is loved across the world and the Akita Museum of Art features a large collection of his works. This museum is actually one of the few museums and galleries in the world that features works by Foujita. His most famous painting that hangs in the Akita Museum of Art is the mural called ‘Annual Events in Akita’ which shows Akita City in the four different seasons.

The gallery also features works by Hirano Masakichi who used to be Foujita’s patron. You can also find pieces by local artists and other different city projects. There is a lot to see and you will learn a lot about both Japanese and Western art.

Every country and culture has their own art and each of them has value. The Akita Museum of Art showcases art from local artists and those who have travelled the world and created their own style. If you enjoy art and beautiful architecture, you definitely need to pay a visit to the museum when you go to Akita City.

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