The Restaurants of Akita City, Japan

Akita Prefecture offers Japanese dining at its best. You can look forward to traditional favorites and a few Akita-specific dishes. Japan is known to offer many different options from fancy restaurants to vendors, to themed restaurants about robots. No matter what you like, you will find it here. Many of the Japanese restaurants specialise in […]

Oga Peninsula

The Oga Peninsula is a peninsula that is located in Akita and juts out into the Japan Sea. The area offers more than just the axe-shaped peninsula. The Oga Peninsula is also connected with the legend of the namahage which is a folk tradition held every year on December 31st.   The Namahage Festival This […]


NyutoOnsen consists of a collection of seven onsens ryokan. The area spans across a vast spaceand each of the resorts that form part of the NyutoOnsen has its own hot springs baths with their own spring sources. These hot springs are natural and set in the most beautiful, natural, and rustic settings possible. Some of […]

Hachimantai Hot Springs

The Hachimantai hot springs are located in northern Akita and Iwate Prefectures. It is a mountainous region that is far removed from the cities and traffic. You will find the peace and quiet a true escape from everyday life. It is the perfect spot for a holiday. It is the best place to calm and […]


Shirakami-Sanchi means white god mountain area and is located in northern Honshu in Japan. It straddles the Akita and Aomori Prefectures and was one of the first places in Japan to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This mountain range and area is well-known for its Siebold’s beech tree forest.   Access and Preservation […]

Akita Museam of Art

The Akita Museum of Art is one of the must-visit hotspots in Akita City in Japan. It not only holds beautiful pieces of art but is an artwork itself.   The Architecture The architecture is beautiful and the museum was designed by Ando Tadao. Ando Tadao is one of the most renowned architects and it […]