Tazawo-ko (Lake Tazawako) and Tazawako Ski Resort

Lake Tazawo or Tazawa-ko is the deepest lake in Japan and is located south of the Towada-Hachimantai National Park. It is in the Tohoku Region and close to Akita City. This lake is mostly undeveloped and you can enjoy the natural and rustic beauty and atmosphere. Because of its depth, the lake does not freeze during winter and makes for an even more beautiful view.


Culture and Symbols

The Goza no Ishi Shrine can be found at the northern end of the lake and is the spot where the lords of olden times went to watch and admire the water. There is also a golden statue of a woman on the western side. This statue is called Tatsuko and is a local symbol of a legend. It is said that the woman prayed to always be beautiful, but instead she was turned into a dragon and sank to the bottom of the lake.


Sightseeing and Shops

The lake area is not very developed and you won’t find many houses or stores. However, on the eastern side of the lake, there are a few shops and restaurants. You can rent bicycles to ride around the area and you can go on sightseeing boats across the lake. The boats don’t run during the winter months.


Tazawako Ski Resort

The Tazawako Ski Resort is located in Akita Prefecture and locals go skiing there often. It is said that few visitors go there because it is not that easy to reach with public transport. It is not the biggest ski area and it is very basic, so don’t expect five-star hotels and fluent English. The low number of tourists makes this spot even more of a hotspot on our radar. You can experience the culture and the snow without worrying about too many people.

There are lifts and 13 courses to ski. The resort has a café and a shop where you can buy ski wear and equipment. There is also a ski school and daycare facility. The ski resort is a great idea to get away for a day or two. There is no accommodation at the resort, but there are options for accommodation down the road from the resort.

Whether you go in winter to ski or in summer to watch the beautiful lake and take in the scenes, you will have a wonderful experience at Lake Tazawako. Make it one of your stops even if it’s just for a moment on your way to the nearby hot springs.


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