NyutoOnsen consists of a collection of seven onsens ryokan. The area spans across a vast spaceand each of the resorts that form part of the NyutoOnsen has its own hot springs baths with their own spring sources. These hot springs are natural and set in the most beautiful, natural, and rustic settings possible. Some of these springs were visited by lords in the olden days in search for cures for illness.

NyutoOnsen forms part of the Towada-Hachimantai National Park and overlooks the Tazawako Lake. This area is full of hotspots, resorts, and hot springs.


The Different Onsen and Resorts

Each onsen has its own spring source and offers its own resort and accommodation. The springs have different base elements and offer a variety of health benefits. All of the onsens are open for daytrips at a fee of between 500 and 1000 Yen per person. Accommodation fees range from 9000 to 21000 Yen per person. All of the onsens have both mixed and single gender baths available.



This is the oldest ryokan in the NyutoOnsen. It was visited by lords during the Edo Period. It offers accommodation that should be booked well in advance. The scenery is natural, rustic, and takes you away from the real world.



Here you can choose from several indoor and outdoor baths to get your hot spring fix. The rooms also offer a choice between tatami rooms or a converted farmhouse.



If you really want to escape the world but still want modern-day spoils, this is the onsen for you. TaenoyuOnsen is located next to the Sendatsu River and the outdoor hot spring bath overlooks a beautiful running waterfall. The resort is well-equipped with modern fixings and offers a variety of rooms, activities, and dining options.



This is another more modern onsen and it is very secluded. It is a short walk away from the main buildings which mean you are truly in nature and can escape into blissful beauty.



The OgamaOnsen was once a schoolhouse but was converted into a modern ryokan. This onsen offers indoor and outdoor single gender baths. What makes this one different from the others is its foot bath that also feeds from the hot springs.



This onsen is located between the Ogama and Kuroyuonsen and is for the more adventurous. You need to take a short hike to get to the ryokan. It offers a choice of single gender and mixed baths.



This is one of the more modern onsen and all the baths are covered. There are indoor baths that are completely inside and the outdoor baths are covered. There is a park across from this ryokan where you can hike or take a walk. The baths are single gender. This ryokan offers all the modern facilities you may want.

If you ever visit Akita and you can only do one thing, we suggest this be your one thing. Even if you don’t stay at one of the ryokan, you should definitely take a dip in one of the onsens to feel your worries wash away and your spirit renewed. The NyutoOnsen is definitely at the top of our hotspot list when it comes to visiting Akita Prefecture or Japan in general.


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