Contribute invites our readers, travellers, residents, and tourists to contribute to this website. We want to hear about your experiences and the things that you love about Akita.


Who Can Contribute?


If you live in Akita and would like to help visitors find their way and know all the best things about and places in Akita, write for us. You can share helpful tips, interesting stories, history, etc. There is no better way to learn about a new place than from the people who know it the best. Your information may just help someone have the time of their life in Akita City.


If you have visited Akita as a tourist or for work, please let us know about your experience. Tell fellow visitors what they can expect and give them first-hand visitor advice. The best way to know how to approach a new city is by learning from other visitors. You learn things about customs, accepted social behaviour, and the best places to eat and shop.

How to Contribute

To contribute, simply write us your story or tips and send it by email to It can be in English or Japanese. We will translate Japanese stories so our English readers can also enjoy your stories. Your piece should ideally be about 500 words and written in easy to understand language.

Why Contribute?

Contributing to this magazine will help those who visit Akita City or those who want to come and live here. Not only will your contributions help other people find their way and get to know Akita City at its best, but you will also enjoy sharing your experiences and knowledge.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.