Akita is a beautiful Japanese city that has a lot to offer in terms of sights, scenes, history, architecture, and more. You will find it difficult to choose which of these to visit and you won’t regret whichever you choose. You can find out more about these listed hotspots in our articles section.


Akita Hotspots

Senshu Park – The park blooms with cherry blossoms during the spring and is a sight to behold like no other. You can also find a replica of the Kubota Castle here. Many different events and activities take place in and around Senshu Park.

NyutoOnsen – A wonderful hot spring resort where you can relax after long travels. Enjoy the soothing and calming effects of hot springs and other treats at this wonderful resort.

Kakunodate – A historic town with preserved samurai houses and other structures. You will find a lot of original architecture and a lot of history at this site. It is definitely something to put on your list.

Tazawa-ko – The deepest lake in Japan and good for skiing in winter and hiking in summer. The lake and its surroundings are breath-taking no matter what the season.

Akita Museum of Art – The museum houses a large collection of paintings by Tsuguhara Fujita and many other beautiful works. If you like art and history, this is the place for you.

Hacimantai– Natural hot springs surrounded by the most beautiful mountains and landscapes. Akita is filled with hot spring spots and you will regret not taking advantage of these natural wonders while you’re there.

ShirakamiSanchi– This is a mountain range with majestic virgin beech forests. It is great for hiking and taking photographs.