Hachimantai Hot Springs

The Hachimantai hot springs are located in northern Akita and Iwate Prefectures. It is a mountainous region that is far removed from the cities and traffic. You will find the peace and quiet a true escape from everyday life. It is the perfect spot for a holiday. It is the best place to calm and renew your soul and heal your body.



Hachimantai is characterized by hot springs, volcanic landscapes, and beautiful nature. There are many hot springs and resorts in this area and you will have your pick. Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, and inns are found throughout the region. The Hachimantai hot springs are just one of the many places you can go to experience this natural wonder. Some springs have their own lodges, like at the NyutoOnsen and others are open to visit without staying.


Health Benefits

Not only are the hot springs relaxing and nice and warm in the winter months, but it also has health benefits. The springs are a natural way to release stress, relieve pain, and do some healing. The springs can help with rheumatism, hypertension, skin conditions, sore muscles, relaxation, diabetes, joint pain, burns, digestive problems, poor circulation, and more. The different springs have different base-elements and specific ones are more effective for certain conditions.

The types of hot springs include alkaline, sodium chloride with iron and carbon dioxide, sulfer, and hydrogen sulphide. Each of these is suggested for specific conditions if you want to reap the health benefits.


Other Attractions

At the Hachimantai Resort, you can experience different kinds of activities besides visiting the hot springs and enjoying their relaxing effects. Activities like skiing, golf, fishing, trekking, and mountain climbing can keep you busy. The springs are ideal for when you get back and want to relax your muscles.

The Hachimantai hot springs are only one of the great hot springs destinations. It is beautiful and offers all the things you would want from a holiday in the countryside.




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