Senshu Park

Senshu Park is located in Akita City in Japan. The most noted draw of Senshu Park is the remains of Kubota Castle. This castle was built by the Satake family who had to relocate to Akita City from Hitachi. The city and the park are both beautiful and draw many tourists every year. The city is lined with beautiful and enchanting cherry blossom trees.


Natural Elements

Senshu Park is located in the centre of Akita City and was voted one of the most beautiful parks in Japan. When you visit there, you will know why. As you enter the park, you will find ponds filled with lotus flowers in the spring. These same springs keep their beauty during winter when they turn to frozen ponds. You are surrounded by beautiful trees and plants on all sides and you truly feel one with nature.


Samurai History and the Satake Family

Akita City is known for its samurai history and the Satake family was one of the most powerful samurai clans. The park includes the remnants of their castle and even some moats. Reconstructions of the watchtower and the castle gate were made to give visitors the idea of what it may have looked like all those centuries ago. From the watchtower, you can look out onto the park and experience its beauty in all its glory.


Other Attractions

The park features its own temple and shrine. You can ring the temple bell to make wishes. The bell is ringed every New Years to atone for the 108 sins that Buddhists believe humans commit. It is a way of starting the New Year clean. The park is also great to have picnics and relaxing walks with family and friends. You will spot many couples and families enjoying the beauty and quiet of the park. Other attractions include a museum of samurai artefacts, a concert hall, and a library. Musical events are often held in the park for entertainment during festivals. You can also buy food from different traditional Japanese food vendors to enjoy on your picnic or walk.

Senshu Park is a must-see hotspot in Akita City. If you visit during the summer, the park will be a nice escape from the Japanese summer heat. It is a great place to enjoy the beauty, culture and history of Japan and Akita City.


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